"We are looking to update our 70's modern house. We need more room for the kids to play and for entertaining guests. Also, my husband has a special request for an expanded garage to work on and display his cars."

Westhampton Residence



2022, Completed

Design Team

Zachary T. Clanahan, Jeremy Delgado


Jimmy Elliott, Renderings



Jimmy Elliott, Renderings

A family approached us to renovate and update the look of their 70's modern house. We connected the kitchen to the living room, creating a flowing layout that extends to the rear deck. Additionally, we fulfilled a unique request—an expanded garage that provided triple-duty as a workspace, a car enthusiast's dream showroom, with a game-room loft space separated from the garage. To complete this transformation, we carefully designed the new spaces to simultaneously stay in character with the existing lines while providing a unified updated design.

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