We want to modernize and expand our potato barn house in Watermill. Our goal is to add space to the bedroom at the second level and expand the living room while keeping the style of our home.

Potato Barn

Water Mill



Design Team

Zachary T. Clanahan, Jeremy Delgado


Jimmy Elliott, Renders



Jimmy Elliott, Renders

Our latest project was driven by the client's unwavering vision: to maintain the enduring style of their potato barn while modernizing the overall look. We proceeded to design with a delicate balance in mind between preserving the house's heritage and fulfilling the demands of contemporary living. The result is a living space that stands as a testament to the harmonious coexistence of tradition and innovation. The expanded living room and additional bedroom brought a new level of functionality and entertaining possibilities to the home. Our additions not only created more space but also infused a refreshed look and feel into the residence.

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