“We want to renovate and add to the house we already love. Also, we really need to update the ‘house by the pool’ because we love to entertain there.”





Design Team

Zachary T. Clanahan, Kristal Delgado, Ray Delgado, Jeremy Delgado


Kyle J. Cladwell



Structural Engineering by Shamrock & Charmain Moore, Survey by Saskas, Septic I/A OWTS by Zachary T. Clanahan

A Southampton family approached us with a renovation and addition project. The residence is sited on an expansive lot with beautiful views of Mecox Bay in the rear yard that we wanted to make a focal point. We were excited to help them make their dream home even better! As the family grew, they realized there was a need for more space. They wanted to add bedrooms, some more common space, and to fully utilize the garage area. We met these demands while purposefully preserving the existing classic lines of the Shingle style home, giving the house a look of always being there.

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