We're a growing family with a baby on the way, and we'd love to update and expand our Hampton Bays Bungalow to create more space for our kids and host family and friends.”

Glenmore House

Hampton Bays



Design Team

Zachary T. Clanahan, Jeremy Delgado


Jimmy Eliott, Renderings



Jimmy Eliott, Renderings

Paragraph: Our latest project was a heartwarming journey alongside a growing family brimming with excitement as they awaited the arrival of their newest member. Their vision was clear: to transform their beloved Hampton Bays Bungalow into a spacious haven that would not only accommodate their expanding family but also provide the perfect setting for hosting cherished friends and loved ones. We carefully designed a major renovation that included the addition of bedrooms and the expansion of recreational areas. These thoughtful enhancements were designed to create the ideal environment for their growing family and the perfect space for indoor/outdoor entertaining that allowed us to achieve the client brief - to blend functionality and style to turn their dreams into a vibrant reality.

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