“We have major wetlands constraints and will need to abandon our existing house. The new house needs to be modern and we have to capitalize on the amazing views of the water.”

Fresh Pond House




Design Team

Zachary T. Clanahan, Ray Delgado, Jeremy Delgado


Kyle J. Caldwell



Richard J. Flood
Structural design by Dilandro Engineering, Environmental Consultant & Permit/Expediting by Surfside Environmental, Septic I/A OWTS by Zachary T. Clanahan

A couple approached us to totally reimagine their house from a modern perspective. The house also needed to capitalize on their waterfront views. We designed several options with them to compare various ideas around room organization and how the house could flow with and without roof decks. During the design process we overcame challenging water-table levels, environmental, and geological constraints. By working closely with the team at Surfside Environmental, we were able to fully utilize this potentially trickly lot allowing us to give the client a design that makes the best use of their property.

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