We're looking to renovate and expand our house in East Hampton. We need a larger primary bedroom and a better kitchen & dining room layout.

East Hampton Village House

East Hampton


2020-2021 Completed

Design Team

Zachary Clanahan, Jeremy Delgado


Jimmy Elliott, Renderings



We worked with a family in East Hampton to breathe new life into their home through a comprehensive renovation and expansion. The primary mission was to enhance their living experience by expanding the primary bedroom and reorganizing the layout of the kitchen and dining room. Within this house, we meticulously harmonized the new additions to create an environment that truly meets the needs of the family. Our commitment to enhancing the home extended to crafting thoughtful additions that seamlessly complemented the existing structure. We blended old and new, designing a residence that marries the charm of its origins with the convenience and style of contemporary design and worked well within the charming context of the neighborhood.

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